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Build With Passion | Hand Crafted in Hong Kong | Quality Italian Leather Accessories

"We collaborate with fashion designer and handcrafting with Italian full grain leather,it creates a stylish and durable piece of leather without the huge markup of designer brands."

 Manofatto means handwork in Italian, we aim to produce the finest craftsmanship leather goods to our customers. By the meaning of finest handcrafts, we does not only build our products from quality Italian leather and materials, our products are set to produce in smaller quantity to ensure quality by not mass producing it. All our products are carefully handcrafted by our artisan, Novi, to result in premium quality leather products. Besides giving the best in our micro production, we also pay close attention to our design details. We collaborate with British fashion designer, Philippa T, and our co-founder Luke with interior design background in designing the products. With our diverse backgrounds, the style of interior designs and the fashion designs, we are able to balance functions with aesthetics, and results in stylish and contemporary designs. 


NOVI | Artisan

Novi, the co-founder of Manofatto, is the backbone of the company. She is in charge of the production and the evolution of Manofatto's birth.




Born in Indonesia, but raised and educated in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Novi has an international perspective on British and Asian culture. Novi began her exploration of handicraft at college, establishing her pioneering point of view at that time. Her passion for crafts began to evolve in a stage of experimentation, at which time she began researching and developing her craftsmanship. After a long period of exploration in handicrafts, she began understanding important details in crafting and recognising the quality differences in materials. In 2016, despite the downturned retail economy, the young craftswoman partnered with Luke, who had a design and business background, to create her first collection utilising high-quality materials and workmanship. Manofatto is inspired by shapes and symbols associated with adornment, architecture, and interior design, offering a contemporary style on made-in-Hong Kong craftsmanship. 

"I like to create something with my hands, even though the world is chasing after automation and fast turnover. Creating with our hands makes things very personal and allows us to earn more instant gratification when we receive positive reactions to our work as compared to factory mass-produced products. We might not be as well-known as famous brands, but our passion and effort placed into our designs and products will not be less."



Design Philosophy

"Design represents the personality and style of the designers."

Manofatto's design style stems from the merging interior design with the style of fashion designer Philippa T. The concept of interior design includes a sense of lighting and colour palette; we bring this together with modern and contemporary sense in fashion designs for a truly outstanding result. We believe that blending the two different design fields together will create unique and stylish design that will captivate the world. Besides having great designs, we also partner with talented young artisan to bring our ideas to life.



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