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There are a number of types or names for the leather material, such as full grain, top grain, corrected grain and split leather or suede. They are all real leather, just in a different forms, quality and price. Our leather products are built from quality Italian leather, which provide the premium quality and unique texture of its own. Besides, quality leather materials, we also use quality hardware such as YKK zippers and Japanese snap buttons.

Leather differences

It is evident that Italian leather has dominated the fashion industry throughout the world and fashion designers prefer it to other varieties of leather available out there. This variety is a mark of prestige to everyone who owns a handbag, or any other commodity made using this material that is backed by good quality.

There reason why Italian leather stands out is because it is treated specially before it can be used to make various quality products. Hides are carefully inspected before treatment, and pick the best hides. That is why every product made of this leather variety is unique even at first sight and normally, treatment of this leather involves a lengthy process. Italian producers tend to use high quality dyes and chemicals in their products, producing consistent, durable, long-lasting leather products.

Many producers specialize in full grain leather — leather from the top of the hide, which is famous for its suppleness and quality. Other grades leather include top grain, genuine and bonded leather.

Full grain leather is one of the leather varieties available and the difference between this leather variety with others, is that it is exceptionally hardwearing and it has not been sanded to remove some of the marks that naturally appear on hides. This gives it the characteristic natural look, which means you will not find any piece of full grain leather that is similar to the other.

These aspects set this leather variety apart from the rest. If you compare it with top grain leather you will find that top grain, though produced in the same way as full grain with chrome and vegetable tanning, it is of lesser quality. Even though this is the case, it is preferred for purses and wallets because of its malleable characteristic, which many refer to as being supple. It also resists stains better than full grain.

Genuine leather on the other hand, is used mostly on leather handbags and it is finished with something that appears to be some paint and that means that you will not find one piece of genuine leather that resembles the other. You might find one that is rough and another product made of the same genuine leather that is rough. Because it is of lower quality, it is far much cheaper than full grain and top grain leather.

Bonded leather is the other variety of leather and it is highly unlikely that you will find it termed as Italian leather. The reason is because it is the cheapest variety of leather available around and it is produced from leftover shavings and dust after other forms of leather have been produced. These shavings and dust are pressed and glued together to produce bonded leather.

That is the reason why, it is the lowest quality variety and thus, the cheapest of them all and no one really would associate it to Italian leather. That is how different full grain leather is different from the other three varieties of Italian leather.

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